Demand Planning Cockpit for SAP MRS

The SAP Multi-Resource Scheduling solution provides planners with a graphical user interface showcasing the unplanned demands/orders, available resources with their qualification matching criteria, resource utilization chart, alerts and business functions to perform optimal resource assignment for each open demand.

However, in large and complicated implementations, there exists a high volume of custom development and the standard planning interface is extended with multiple customer-specific requirements.

In order to minimize the go-to-market timelines and provide an alternate fully flexible & scalable option, we have developed pre-configured ABAP add-on component to enable organizations to implement customer-specific functions & integration without much effort, perform multi-resource scheduling based on the demands, access resource qualifications, time & material availability. Our solution gives a single view of planning cockpit with varied and distinct functions which are easily configurable.

The add-on component offers below business functions.

  • Configuration Panel with pre-configured content
  • Fully customizable
  • Additional selection criteria to launch planning interface
  • ALV tree enabled the user interface to showcase a list of demands
  • Bucket based demands based on system/user statuses
  • Supports customer-specific enhancements without much effort
  • Multi-level resource planning
  • Availability [Resource/Material]
  • Google Maps Navigation

Source of Demands for Resource Planning

  • Plant Maintenance/Customer Service Orders
  • Project System Networks
  • CRM Service Orders


  • SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 6.0 or Higher
  • SAP HCM for Resources
  • SAP MRS Add-on based on NetWeaver 700
  • SAP MRS Add-on based on ECC 700
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The allocation of the right resources, to the right work at the right time is crucial.